[1 block] Group Bulletin Board(sample)

 [1 block] Group Bulletin Board


With regard to the project assigned to the group to which you belong, draw a screen transition diagram of the current situation, analyze it from the ID perspective (1-5), and speak up with improvement suggestions (ideas) as an individual. In your response, indicate from which of the ID perspectives (1-5) the improvement proposal was derived. It is also acceptable to represent your improvement proposal for screen transitions with a screen transition diagram after the improvement. (Attachment of a revised version of the screen transition is optional.)


Discuss the preparation of the improvement proposal.


Reflect on the comments (questions and opinions) you received from the other group members in the 6th session. Post on the group bulletin board (as an individual) what you noticed about your proposal, such as what the other group members thought was good and what needs improvement(as an individual).

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