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File Syllabus

This is the syllabus for 2014.
For the latest version of the syllabus (the subject itself has been revised extensively since this 2014 version), please check
here.(in Japanese)

Session1:Orientation URL Course Introduction Video(in Japanese)


File Sample case(in Japanese)

Read the sample case file(in Japanese), and write your thoughts, observations, and ideas about the sample case and the contents of the subject matter (access the "Trial Version" button on the page following the link in the PDF of the sample case) on the [Task 1] Submission Board. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Also, write at least one comment (question or opinion) on another student's comment.

Session2:Analysis of a sample case File ID Perspectives for Checking Content

In addition to creating a screen transition diagram, check and analyze the sample contents from the viewpoints 1 to 5 of the IDs who check the contents, consider your own improvement suggestions (ideas) for the case, and submit them to the [Task 2] Submission Board along with the completed checklist and screen transition diagram. Indicate which of the perspectives 1 through 5 the improvement proposal is based on.
Also, write at least one comment (question/opinion) on another participant's statement.

Task PASS Requirements

  1. At least one new post on the bulletin board.
  2. Comments on other students' statements: 1 or more
File Checklist for filling out(in Japanese)


Page Creating a screen transition diagram

Creating a screen transition diagram


Session 3: Improvement Proposal for a Sample Case File Checklist(in Japanese)


File Example of a proposal(in Japanese)


File Example of screen transition diagram(in Japanese)


Session 4: Analysis of Assignment 1 Case Page Assignment 1 case and its requirements

Requirements for Assignment1

URL 【Block1】Group Discussion Board (Sample)


Session 5: Discussion of improvement proposals URL Block 1: Group discussion board (sample)

Discuss to create a proposal for improvement.

Session 7: Reflection and preparation of improvement proposals URL [1 block] Group Bulletin Board [Task 7] (Sample)

[1 block] Group Bulletin Board

URL Assignment 1 case and its requirements

Issue 1 case and its requirements

Session8:Analysis of new introduction cases Page Overview of Block 2


URL [Block 2] Task List


File Sample Case(in Japanese)


File Sample Case(in English)

[task8-1]Sample Case(in English)


Page Text

Session8 Text

URL [Task 8-2] Group Discussion Board (Sample)


File Case Study


Session 9: Consideration of a New Introduction Proposal URL Overview of the two blocks (from Session 8 contents): See here for how to proceed.

Overview of the two blocks

Page Text

Session9 Text

URL [Task 9] Group Discussion Board (Sample)


Session 10: Development Planning (1) Writing the specifications Page Text


URL [Task 10] Group Discussion Board (Sample)


File model


Session 11: Development planning (2): Creating screen transition diagrams URL Overview of the two blocks (from Session 8 content): See here for how to proceed.


Page Text


URL [Task 11] Group Discussion Board (Sample)

Task PASS Requirements

  • New posts to the bulletin board: 1 or more

Session 12: Project Management Plan Page [Block 3] Overview and how to proceed


URL [3 blocks] Task list


Page Text 1: What is a development plan?


Page Text 2: WBS, resource estimation, schedule


Session 13: Drafting the development plan Page Text


URL Details of the task are here.


Session 14: Comment on the development plan URL Click here for details of the task


Session 15: Submission of the final version of the development plan and reflection URL For more information about the task, click here.


other File タスク・課題の締切日


Page [Block 2] Task List

[Block 2] Task List

Page [Block 3] Task List