• Course Content Structure, Course Description and Assignment List

    Open:1st(2014 Autumn)(required course, 2 credits)
    Prerequisite courses: Introduction to e-Learning, Instructional Design I
    Subsequent courses: e-Learning Consulting, e-Learning Practice II, e-Learning in Foreign Language Education
    Course Description
    This course aims to enable students to propose a blueprint and implementation process for a teaching system that incorporates e-learning, and to propose a plan for improving the current system. In this course, students will learn various techniques for the design and operation management of the entire teaching system, including needs analysis and systematization of teaching materials and content, environmental factor analysis, consideration of options other than training, operational planning, design of organizational change processes, and resource management methods.
    Deadline for tasks and assignments(in Japanese)

    Block 1: Improving teaching systems (Assignment 1 case)

    The goal is to be able to propose improvements to teaching systems that have already been introduced and are using e-learning.

     Session2:Analysis of a sample case
     Session3:Improvement Proposal for Sample Case
     Session4: Analysis of assignment 1 case
     Session5:Review of improvement proposals
     Session6:Commenting on improvement proposals
     Session7: Reflection and preparation of improvement proposals

    Block 2: New e-learning implementation (1) Analysis - Specification planning

    Through the analysis of new e-learning implementation projects and the examination and planning of specifications, students will learn to analyze and systematize needs, analyze environmental factors, design organizational change processes, and examine options other than training.

     Session8:Analysis of new introduction cases
     Session9:Examination of new implementation proposals
     Session10:Development planning (1) Creating specifications
     Session11: Development planning (2): Creating screen transition diagrams

    Block 3: New e-learning implementation (2) Project planning

    This course aims to master operational planning and resource management methods through project planning for new e-learning implementation projects.

     Session12:Project Management Plan
     Session13:Drafting the development plan
     Session14:Comment on the development plan
     Session15: Submission of the final version of the development plan and reflection

    Requirements for credit

    1. Do all the tasks as instructed in each session.
    2. Score 60% or more on all of the following assignments 1 through 4.
    Assignment1 Proposals and evaluations for the improvement of the teaching system (Case Study 1) (Individual submission: 40 points)
    Based on the discussion within each group and the mutual comments among the groups, submit a proposal for improvement (that meets the requirements) for Assignment1.
    Assignment2 Proposals (interim report) for the new introduction of e-learning (Case Study 2) (Individual submission: 20 points)
    Based on the discussion within each group, submit a proposal (an interim report that satisfies the specified requirements) on the results of the discussion regarding the new introduction of e-learning (Case Study 2).
    Assignment 3 Final version of the proposal for the new introduction of e-learning (Case Study 2) (Individual Submission: 20 points)
    Based on the discussion within each group and mutual comments among the groups, improve the proposal created in Assignment 2, add a project plan, and submit the final version of the proposal (which meets the specified requirements).
    Assignment 4 Reflection Paper (Individual submission: 20 points)
    You are required to submit a reflection paper on what you learned from the two cases in this lecture, and whether there were any differences between your own theory and the group's conclusion.