Instructional DesignⅡ: All participants



Forum Forum [Task1] Discussion Board(Sample)

Session2:Analysis of a sample case

Forum Forum [Task2] Discussion Board(Sample)

Session 3: Improvement Proposal for a Sample Case

Forum Forum [Task3] Discussion Board(Sample)

Session 7: Reflection and preparation of improvement proposals

Assignment Assignment [Assignment 1] Improvement Proposal (Sample)

Session8:Analysis of new introduction cases

Forum Forum Task 8-1 Submission Board (Sample)

Session 11: Development planning (2): Creating screen transition diagrams

Assignment Assignment [Assignment 2] Proposal for the New Introduction of e-Learning (Interim Report) (Sample)

Session 15: Submission of the final version of the development plan and reflection

Assignment Assignment [Assignment 3: Create a proposal for a new implementation (sample)

Quiz Quiz Assignment Submission Checker

Assignment Assignment [Assignment 4] Reflection Paper (Sample)