Survey and research on corporate education practices

Another powerful way to write a thesis on the subject of in-house education is to conduct research on how effective a practice is. Even if it is difficult to write a paper just by doing it, we can confirm that it was wonderfully effective, and then argue that this is why this approach is so effective. In fact, there are not many papers of this kind, so there is a possibility that a novelty can be found in the fact that the researcher actually used a survey research method that suggests that this is a good way to conduct a survey.

So, in this third installment, let's look at a study that was taken as a practice paper titled "Blended e-learning practices for ID professional development". What is new, what has been evaluated, and what do we want to say in this paper? What are the applications of the methods in this paper to other practices? What could be done to further develop this paper?

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